Terminal 1

Salt Lake City International Airports has two terminals with five concourses. All Airlines except Delta Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, and KLM serving Salt Lake City use Terminal number 1.

Terminal 1 has Concourse G (previously Concourse A) and Concourse F (formerly Concourse B).

Terminal 1 is for a domestic terminal, where internal and regional flights of American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines served.

Terminal 1 levels:

- Ground level: There located baggage carousels and ticket counters. Please note that the screening area is located at the center of the standard, operates both Concourses G and F.

- First level: In this level, passengers can approach to Concourses G and F.

In Concourse G, there are boarding gates G8 to G1

In Concourse F, there are two levels:

- Lower level: Boarding gates F22-F10.

- Upper level: Boarding gates F9-F1.

- Second level: This is the services and luxury levels. On the other hand, passengers can get to the third level by a lift where the Terrace Restaurant located.

Services for Terminal 1

- ATMs

- Free Wi-Fi connection

- Baby care rooms

- Children's play area

- Drinking water

- Food, drink and retail concessions

- Information desk

- Baggage carts

- Spa services.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is for domestic and international flights.

- Concourse C: Boarding gates from C1-C13.

As well as, terminal 2 is a terminal for domestic flights, it serves some international flights. Flights operated by Delta, KLM, and Mexico department.

Terminal 2 Levels:

- Ground level: There are baggage claim carousels and ticket counters from 5 to 8. It is at this level where ground transportation located on the opposite side.

After clearing the security check, passengers have to access to Concourse C.

Services: Banking services, newsstand, among others.

Second level: This is the service level, where passengers will find plenty of bars and restaurants, as well as a Business Centre.

The second level grants access to Concourse C and also the short-term parking garage, which can permeate via the SkyBridge, where car rentals can found on its lower level.


- Banking services

- ATMs

- Newsstand

- Food, drink and retail concessions

- Business Centre

- Free Wi-Fi connection

- Baby care facilities

- Drinking water

- Duty-free stores

- Information desk

- Currency exchange

- Spa services.



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