TSA security

The transportation security Administration (TSA ) recommends passengers arrive at the airport two hours earlier to the departure time for domestic and three hours more first to international flights. The

TSA allows passengers to get to security screening very quickly without having removed their items such as shoes, belts, laptops from their carry-on bags. Applicants can pre-register online before visiting an application center, one which located in the Terminal Two lobby of Salt Lake City International. Travelers will need a Real ID-compliant form for identification to board the flights. TSA does not consider temporary paper IDs a valid type for identification; Passengers must bring two other forms of ID such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, or credit cards or social security cards. This procedure may take a little time, and you will need to give yourself additional time to complete this process. If your identification is not verified, you are not allowed to enter the screening checkpoint. In that case, if you lost your passport, you may still fly, if you will provide other documents for identification. Also, you have to know that United States citizens are required to provide a valid passport when they are traveling to Mexico, Canada, or other foreign destinations.


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